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          During the preparation of a family book one has to handle a lot of information, and it is almost impossible to structure the data and put it 'on paper' to make it accessible to all descendants. I will therefore try to give an overview with links which may help you to find some sources.

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Ivar Albrecht Dahm or Iver Albert Dahm is the starting point of the family book.

          He was a 'kofferdikaptain' (the captain of a merchant vessel) from Denmark who spent 7 years in English prison during the Napoleon war 1807-1814 (Don't forget the 'Battle of Copenhagen' in 1807). He settled in Kristiansand, at the extreme south of Norway. There is very little information on his family. Perhaps somebody could travel to Korsör or Copenhagen and consult the archives ? Ivar Albrecht Dahm acquired Jægersberg close to Kristiansand and he married Johanne Cathrine 'Trine' Olrog or Anne Christine 'Trine' Dahm according to Christer Olrog. There is a lot of information on the Olrog family, gathered in an archive now with Thomas Olrog, Kragenäsvägen 9 B, 181 65 Lidingö, Sweden and published in Svenska Släktkalendern 1989

          Iver Albert Dahm had 3 daughters whithout known descendance and 3 sons:
Child 3 -  Severin an inventor who settled in Chicago, probably involved in the tanning industry. There is some information at FamilySearch, but we have not yet found any living descentants. Perhaps in Florida ?
Child 5 -  Edvard Dahm who became a much appreciated M.D. in Kristiansand. He married Reinholdine Elise 'Ninna' Gram the daughter of a general. The Gram family is being documented by Frederick Gram and Johan Gram: 'Slekten fra Ask', portraits are online from Gram samlingen i Drammens Museum.
Child 6 -  Claudius Dahm studied in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and married Mary Jane Johnson and the family settled in Bergen. The Johnson came to Bergen and the Dahm travelled to England

Descendants of Severin Dahm

Descendants of Edvard Dahm

Descendants of Claudius Dahm

          Only 3 children have descendants:
Child 2 -  Annie Constance Dahm married Christian Börs. The family of Christian Börs is documented trough the book: Berit Börs: Familien Börs 1515-2005, Bergen 2005. Christian's mother was Martha Helmers, another well-documented family from Bergen linked to the Greve. (O. Ingstad: Slekten Greve, Bergen 1943). Christian and Annie Constance had 4 children with own families: Börs, Falsen, Ottesen.
Child 4 -  Mary Wilhelmine married William Whinfield Johnson. They established in Essex. Their children: Thomas, Freda, and 'Claude' thus have known ancesters up to the Normands.
Child 6 -  William were also involved in the firm: C. Dahm. He married Mariane Kristine 'Marie' Wiig. They have 5 children with own families: Dahm, Stinessen, Sælen and Gullaksen.

Version 4 of the pdf-family book for the Dahm is almost ready.                 Mölndal, 22nd May 2013.